mercredi 14 novembre 2007

journal 5

By watching the Andromeda series, I have learned a lot of modern physic theories. The makers of this series have made a lot of hypothetical application for the new physical discoveries like using a black hole’s events horizon to freeze something in time. I strongly recommend this TV show because it has a very developed story and has a very good cinematic effect. Watching fleet of hundreds ship exchanging fire across the sky, it is just amazing. The only disadvantage of this series is that the characters often speak in a science language. Finally, you can watch Andromeda every Saturday at 8:pm.

journal 4

The prince

Character: Tyr Anasazi

We just received a distress call for a damaged ship so we decided to investigate. I, captain Dylan Hunt and Beka took the transport and then en route to the distressed ship. When we arrived on board, we found nothing but cold and still corpse scatted around us. All have fallen victims of a recent attack, with the exception of King Florin of Ne’Holland, Prince Erik, and Yanos, a royal family retainer. Knowing his mortal wound, King Florin appoints Dylan as Co-regents to Erik. Once arrived on board of Andromeda, The Prince explained that a group of barons are responsible for the murder of millions of people including the royal family. Unprepared to become a king, Dylan and I decide to make him a king.
Whit the rebel forces crushed by Andromeda and the barons kill by me, we could finally restore peace on NeHolland. After becoming the king Eric choose the democracy but I still prefer that he became a dictator.

lundi 29 octobre 2007

Battle Rhyme

The March of the High Guard
Heaven burns, the stars are falling
As the enemy draws nigh.
Sound the call, fleet and lancers,
"Commonwealth" our battle cry.
Face the foe, never waver,
Summon fire from the sky.
From a million sovereign planets
Scattered through the endless night.
Bound by blood and High Guard honor,
Hold the line until the light.
Hold the line against the night.

mercredi 10 octobre 2007

Assignment 2

During this episode of Andromeda, emissaies and leaders of many galactic organisation came to visitit the ship and to discuss the future commonwealth. Everything was great but the Abyss had sent six of his agents to spy on the crew and the visitors. One of the agents, a strange woman conviced Seamus to steal the arcchives because she was aple to take off the Magog larvae from seamus' body. But he tricked her by sending a virus instead of the archive. The woman was angry but she said that her master, the Abyss, war very impresed on Seamus skills and proposed Seamus to work for him. Seamus refused, so the woman gave the order to the other five to kill everyone. But Seamus stopped them by overloading the energy source of their phase generator who gave them invulnerability.

mercredi 12 septembre 2007


The TV program that I chose is Andromeda, a Science fiction tv series. I chose this serie because I like science fiction also this series is very intresting and has a very developed story. The story is set thousands of years into the future, the Commonwealth system has fallen and the captain of a Commenwealth flagship has decided to restore it and to "rekindle the light of civilization."

The main characters of the series is, in season 3 they are: Captain Dylan Hunt; Beka Valentine, an expert pilot; Try Anasazi, a Nietzschen; Seamus Harper , a supergenius engineer; Romie, the ship’s artificial intelligence’s avatar and Trance Gemini a purple-skinned alien who turned out to be a god-like Avatar of Stars at the end of the series. The Andromeda series takes place in 3 galaxies; the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy and the Triangulum galaxy.

mercredi 29 août 2007